Wesele (pol. OmU engl. UT)

A bride in advanced pregnancy (Michalina Łabacz), determined to emigrate, observes her husband's antics with increasing apprehension. Her father, a local businessman Rysiek (Robert Więckiewicz), has more to worry about tonight than just the fuss over his daughter's wedding. The importance of life is at stake, and in the background is not only a lot of money, but also the happiness of his loved ones. The situation is also aggravated by the guests invited to the ceremony, and all this is witnessed by the eldest of the family Antoni Wilk (Ryszard Ronczewski), for whom the memories of the dramatic events of years ago, when he met the love of his life. With every minute emotions grow and the deepest feelings come alive again, the stories of turbulent loves of old and new lovers interpenetrate each other. Gradually the boundary between what was and what is now disappears. The secrets of the past are revealed and a spiral of evil ensues from which there is no escape. Few people see more than 'their own' truths.
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Daten zum Film
  • Bundesstart:
  • Regisseur:
    Wojciech Smarzowski
  • Darsteller:
    Robert Więckiewicz, Agata Kulesza, Michalina Łabacz, Arkadiusz Jakubik, Marian Dziędziel, Andrzej Chyra, Maria Sobocińska, Henryk Gołębiewski, Mateusz Więcławek, Robert Wabich, Sebastian Stegmann, Ryszard Ronczewski
  • Länge:
    133 Min.
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